Our Mission
The Coastal Recovery Community Center is a safe, sober space, where staff is dedicated to helping and encouraging all pathways of recovery, while eliminating stigma and discrimination faced by recoverees.
Help Us Help You
  • The Center is a place where everyone is respected, appreciated, and listened to.

  • We will meet you wherever you are in your recovery.

  • All pathways of recovery are welcomed and encouraged.

  • While at The Center people are expected to be working toward their recovery.

  • All conversations at the Center are confidential. People’s privacy will always be respected.

  • Disruptive people will be asked to leave.

  • Photography of anyone is prohibited without their prior permission.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the center. All smoking must be done in a designated smoking area outside the building.

  • The use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited at the Center or on the Center property.

  • Weapons are prohibited inside the Center or on the Center property.

  • Loitering is prohibited outside the Center and on the Center property.

This is your Recovery Center, please respect it and the above guidelines.
Please call with any questions or stop by and             check out our newly renovated center!